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About Serenity Hospice Care

Mission Statement

Serenity Hospice's mission is to provide the terminally ill patient and their loved ones with the support and care they require to live their lives comfortably. Our Hospice team strives to enable the patient and family to maintain dignity and quality of life.

Our goal is to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual comfort. We strive to empower the patient and family by providing them with the tools, information, and support they need to make informed decisions. We provide ongoing support for family and friends for as long as needed.

We believe that Hospice care should be available to any and all persons with an illness for which there is no cure or for persons who elect not to attempt a cure, resulting in a limited life expectancy.

Statement Of Philosophy

The philosophy of Hospice is to provide the terminally ill patient and his or her family and friends supportive and loving care, in tranquil surroundings, and the wherewithal to live fully and comfortably for as long as possible. The patient is then permitted to die naturally and with dignity when the time comes.

Serenity Hospice Care seeks to alleviate emotional and spiritual pain, and to control the accompanying symptoms. While it may be futile to pursue aggressive treatments or surgery, hospice can provide attention, friendship, care and love.

With appropriate intervention and utilization of the multitude of resources that are available for palliation and pain control, the last months, weeks and days of an individual's life can have quality, and provide loved ones with lasting memories of special moments.

We respect the patient's right to be furnished with complete and current information regarding his or her medical condition. This includes, but is not limited to the prognosis and the planned course of palliative treatment, as well as any significant risks that may be involved. Each and every patient shall have the right to refuse any and all treatments.

The patient has a right to complete privacy concerning his or her family are assured that the Physician or Hospice Director, Social Worker, Pastoral Counselor and Nurse are available to discuss any matter of concern to the patient or family.

The patient has a right to complete privacy concerning his or her health care program, including all written communication, case histories, consultations, physical examinations and treatments.

Serenity Hospice Care exists to provide support and caring to persons and their families who are in the final phase of living. Our goal is to enable them to preserve their human dignity and enrich the quality of their life. Support for the family and/or friends continue after the death of the patient, for as long as necessary.